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TST 220

Our 220 bbl complete mixing system provides the same design and similar features as our 453 bbl unit. Smaller footprint, but packs the same power with results that will exceed your expectations.



  • Same features as the 453 bbl with the exception of it being a one load system

  • 200 bbl. mixing capacity with a 20 bbl buffer

  • Dual pump skid is mounted on the chassis for faster setup.

  • 1/4 carbon steel tank shell for optimal fluid movement, coated with “Duraplate UHS” protective liner for lasting protection

  • Rear stairs with full length 6’ catwalk

  • Obstruction free interior for undisturbed mixing

  • Fluid return lines to rear of tank and eight (8) staggered roll line nozzles for maximum sweep of the entire tank to eliminate all dead spots 

  • Two (2) 60HP High Shear Turbine Heads

  • Two(2) 8 X 6 X14 Mission Magnum Centrifugal Mud Pumps

  • Pumps can be operated separately or in tandem

  • Unique Manifold System allows for the pumps to operate the mix tank, serve as transfer pumps,  product load-out, or roll storage tanks  independently or simultaneously

  • Pumps are powered by two (2) 100HP explosion proof motors prewired to an explosion proof control panel equipped w/ABB soft-start controllers and generator or hard line ready

  • Two (2) 2” valved connections for emulsifiers/wetting agents or mixing components for immediate introduction into the fluid stream

  • Two (2) 8” suction connections for inline frac tank hook up or oil and water 
    supply tanks

  • Large capacity induction hopper for dry products

  • Integrated thermometer for tank temperature monitoring

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